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3D Coaching


“Coaching the Heart Behind the Jersey”

Research shows that coaches who coach in all 3 dimensions regularly produce athletes who:

  • learn skills quicker (more attentive)
  • achieve higher fitness compliance (work harder)
  • experience shorter rehabilitation (recover from injury)
  • are more adaptable to new conditions (“on the road”)
  • possess the freedom to be creative (“are gamers”)
  • develop deeper relationships with other players and with coaches (learn life’s lessons)                                                                                                                                                                   

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Being a 3-Dimensional Coach means that you are:

  Fundamentally sound

  Skilled at coaching the mind/motivation of the athlete

 Focused on capturing and developing the heart of the player  

   A 3Dimensional Coach realizes the power of the coaching platform to inspire, motivate, and produce positive change in his or her sphere of influence.  He/she is acutely mindful of the moral, social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of his/her athletes.